We are a game design studio focused on working with the UGC platform Fortnite Creative and UEFN. We collaborate with brands who are wanting to engage in the world of UEFN or Fortnite Creative.

3D Lab is well established within the Fortnite Creative and UEFN community, including a strong relationship with Epic Games. As of 2023, 3D Lab has had 80 featured game modes and well over 550+ million players reached across all our creations. On top of these achievements, we have had the pleasure to work with awesome clients such as Japanese Singer-songwriter Gen Hoshino, Samsung, Pizza Hut Gaming, ITV, BBC, Netflix, One Piece and of course Epic Games.

Meet The Team

Axel Capek YoutubeAxel Capek Twitter

Dean 'Axel' Lynch

CEO, Co-Founder & Lead Programmer
Tiny YoutubeTiny Twitter

Franciska 'Tiny'

Co-Founder, Lead Artist & 3D Modeler
Bert YoutubeBert Twitter

Robert 'BertBuilds'

Co-Founder & Environment Artist
Esmee YTEsmee Twitter

Esmee 'EsmeeSays'

Game Design & Environment Artist
Haunted YTHaunted Twitter

Jake 'Im Haunted'

3D Modeler & Environment Artist
Rynex YTRynex Twitter

Adrián 'Rynex'

3D Modeler & Technical Artist

Douglas 'Paradox of Fire'

Verse Programmer
Artem Links

Artem 'Hognee'

3D Render Artist & Designer
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