Anna 'TristySnow'

Fortnite Creative Render Artist

Anna has always had multiple creative interests.

Starting from simple drawings in her teenage years and becoming a make-up artist that worked in film later on. Anna also sculpted her own jewellery and studied Graphic Design which, in conjunction with her love for video games, led to her discovering a new passion for 3D art. Anna loves to create 3D renders for promotional purposes within the Fortnite Creative community as well as just for fun and experimentation. Anna aims to always expand and improve on her skills to provide the best result possible.


Anna focuses on creating promotional 3D renders.

TristySnow's Timeline

  • Anna ‘TristySnow’ joins 3D Lab!

    Anna ‘TristySnow’ joins 3D Lab!

    Anna ‘TristySnow’ joins the team! 3D Lab is excited to welcome the amazing render artist Tristy Snow to our team who’s skill in render art will undoubtedly help catapult our brand into the metaverse.

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