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ITV’s The Void is released

In collaboration with our partner Metavision and based on ITV’s newest game show ‘The VOID’, we created an insane 20 level deathrun. A deathrun is a parkour & obstacle course where the player has to go from point A to point B. It’s one of the most popular game types..ITV – The Void

Verizon 5G Collaboration

Verizon 5G Rush Track & Verizon 5G Blitz Course are featured in the NFL Verizon 5G Creative Hub. In collaboration with our associates at Beyond Creative we work on 2 of the game modes for the Verizon 5G & NFL collaboration in Fortnite Creative.

Partnered with Metavision ITV

We partner up officially with Metavision, start-up under British broadcasting giant ITV. We work closely together with Metavision to help entertainment companies and brands to build their presence and brands in virtual worlds.

Brite City Mafia Featured LTM

Brite City Mafia is Featured as Limited Time Mode. Our very first LTM, we are incredibly proud! Choose your side… Shadow or Ghost? Rank up from Crook to Kingpin in this mafia inspired open-world game mode as you claim territory, do missions and plunder vaults.