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Rynex joins 3D LAB!

3D Lab is excited to finally welcome the insanely talented creator Rynex to our team! Rynex’s creative passion and capacity to master new skills will be a huge resource to 3D Lab!

BertBuilds works on Emicida Soundwave Series

Bertbuilds collaborates with Epic Games alongside Zen Creative and Paradox Builds to create the “Emicida Soundwave Series” inspired by his life’s journey and how it influenced his music. The experience also introduced the “Triumphant Emote” and “Keep Going Lobby Track” released on April 28th 2022

Deathrun For Your Loot!

Drop in and complete a new deathrun every game! The further you advance, the better your loot! Take your loot into the sky arena and fight! This map creates a unique way for brands to take over. Want to know more? Contact us!