BBC Wreck - Sacramentum Slasher

Code: 5423-3686-4108

Tags: BBC, Wreck, Murder Mystery, Sacramentum

Client: Metavision, BBC

Date: October 2022


Complete all activities onboard the ship, but watch your back, there’s a Hunter on board 🐤🐤🔪🔪. Will you enjoy the cruise in peace, or pieces?

Murder Mystery - Sacramentum Slasher

Wreck in Fortnite

Wreck is airing now on BBC Three and iPlayer. For the first time ever, viewers can experience the BBC Three action for themselves in the virtual world of Fortnite and step into the world of the Sacramentum Cruise ship.

How to play

In the Wreck Fortnite Experience, players board the Sacramentum to set sail on a cruise. Once on board they are assigned a faction and perform tasks within that role. Two players get the special roles of Detective and Hunter. The detective investigates and sends suspicious players to the Brig while the Hunter strikes passengers from the shadows and tries not to get caught...