Deathrun For Your Loot

Code: 2017-7714-8925

Tags: Deathrun, Parkour, Free For All, Branded

Client: Metavision

Date: April 2022


🏃🏽Drop in and complete a new deathrun every game!

🎁 The further you advance, the better your loot

🗡️Take your loot into the sky arena and fight!

Deathrun For Your Loot

3D Lab x Metavision

3D Lab and Metavision put their heads together to create a gamemode that combines Deathrun and Free For All in one. Players need to complete a randomly assigned deathrun in 2 minutes to obtain loot to fight with in the battle arena in the sky.

Advertise your brand!

Deathrun For Your Loot! Was created with the intention of creating an experience that we know Fortnite players enjoy, while also providing a platform and a way for brands to advertise easily within the Fortnite world through a branded activation. Want to know more? Contact us!
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