Hardstone Biker Wars

Code: 5818-4363-8248

Tags: Music, Hardstone, Don Toliver, Hardpoint

Date: June 2024

Rideout and battle to take control of Psycho Valley in an epic turf war between two rival biker gangs, featuring music from Don Toliver’s new album.

Don Toliver Launches Hardpoint game mode in Fortnite

Psycho Valley

To immerse fans, Don Toliver has teamed up with us to create a hardpoint gamemode in Fortnite. To bring Don's vision to life, we created five custom environments as part of this massive desert valley. Thunder Road, an old time road in a western town. Twin Peaks, two kryptonite mountains towering over a gritty close quarters location. Deadman's Canyon, where something otherworldly and strange is going on. Promise Land, the only place with greenery, a place that represents heaven itself. And Finally, Desert's Heart, where the two rivalry gangs will fight it out in the end. Combine it all and it creates Psycho Valley, the visual representation for Don's album: Hardstone Psycho.

3D Assets

To bring Don's world into Fortnite we created different 3D assets from real life. For example, his helmet as well as Don's custom chopper in two colors. Recreated from a hand full of images, we were able to make high quality game ready asset that are used in-game as well as in key art across social media.
Hardstone Bike