Fortlife RP

Code: 3218-4351-8972

Client: Epic Games

Date: December 2021


🤩Be a new you!
🌟Become famous!
💼Work at your dream job
🎉Throw awesome parties

About Fortlife

An Epic Games Collab

Commisioned by Epic Games and in collaboration with Esmee (High School RP co-creator), we work on a fashion, fame & lifestyle roleplay experience. The goal: create a successful new world where the player gets to express themselves through Fashion while having fun.

The Rich and Famous

In Fortlife RP you get to be a new you! Work you way up from fashion intern all the way to runway stylist. Rather work somewhere else? There’s a big selection of jobs available across Stardust studios, Fashion Corp, Fitness Center & the Beans Cafe to work at.
Lifestyle 4
Lifestyle 2

Express yourself

City Life

After earning some gold at your new job, it’s time to earn fame by spending it. Hire one of the venues, throw a party or have a fashion show. It’s all possible in this modern city, what do YOU want to do?

Fortnite & Fashion

Recently more and more brands turn to Fortnite’s Metaverse to advertise themselves, including a lot of fashion brands. Epic’s goal for Fortlife RP is to have a brand safe roleplay experience ready for potential (fashion) brands to advertise on. Are you a fashion brand ready to advertise on an already established role play game mode? Get in contact with us!