High School Roleplay

Code: 6351-9562-0264

Tags: Roleplay, Open World, Simulator & Mini-Games

Released: July 2021

Featured: October 2021

Franciska and Esmee partner up for this project as they work on a School Roleplay that instantly becomes extremely loved and takes the Most Popular Variety spot in the Creative Welcome Hub the next week, and many weeks after. Becoming one of the most successful roleplay experiences to date. In this open world roleplay simulation, players play as teacher or student, complete fun classes, and work jobs and have fun on the weekend!

Later at the end of summer 2021, the high school experience becomes part of the first ever incubator program. A mentorship program with Epic Games that helps develop promising Creative game modes, focused on developing the Product, Design and Art of the creator’s game.

Finally at the beginning of October 2021, High School Roleplay goes live as Featured Experience. Previously known as “Limited Time Mode”, High School Roleplay goes live on the Fortnite frontpage.