The Void - ITV

Client: ITV
Code: 7373-1875-6620
Tags: Adventure Deathrun
Date: July 2021

In collaboration with our partner Metavision and based on ITV’s newest game show ‘The VOID’, we create an insane 20 level deathrun. A deathrun is a parkour & obstacle course where the player has to go from point A to point B. It’s one of the most popular game types within Fortnite Creative.

Can You Beat The Void?

TV show

In this physical TV gameshow, contestants take on a wide range of demanding mental and physical challenges, all whilst navigating the terrifying prospect of falling into ‘The Void’ - a chasm of 520,000 litres of water stretching across the arena floor.

'The Void' in Fortnite

We work closely together with our partner Metavision to bring ITV's The Void to live in Fortnite Creative.

From the very beginning of Creative mode, deathruns have been popular within Fortnite. To translate this TV show into Fortnite we decided to create a 20 level deathrun that increases in difficulty as the player progresses.


20 Challenging Levels!

20 unique levels

Air traps, sliding effect, boost pads & more. With the tools available in Creative we create 20 unique experiences that take the TV show concept to an even higher level.

Gameshow effect in Fortnite

Although a new TV show - one of the classic special effects of 'The Void' is the dramatic TV shot they make when a contestant falls down in the arena. We recreated this effect within Fortnite by dropping the player into the abyss from great height with a giant 'The Void' logo at the bottom of the pit.

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