Blitz Course

Code: 7004-2968-8491

Tags: Mini Game & Race

Client: NFL & Verizon

Date: February 2021

Blitz Course Deathrun Race

3D Lab x Beyond Creative

We partner up with Beyond to work on 2 of the gamemodes for the NFL Verizon 5G Fortnite Collaboration. We work on the deathrun course ``Blitz Course`` and the hoverboard track ``Rush Track``. Both featured live in Creative for 1 full week.

Blitz Course

Welcome to the Blitz Course! An insanely fun and fast paced custom built Deathrun that will test your might. Players compete in various unique courses to reach the pirate ship, inspired by the Tempa Bay Buccaneers, and grab the Llama Jewel solidifying their victory!
NFL x 3DLAB (13)