Pirate Adventure UEFN

Code: 2810-0903-5967

Tags: UEFN, UE, Blender, Verse, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, FL Studio

Date: March 2023


Pirate Adventure is our very first project created in UEFN. Everything you see here was created by 3D Lab.

UEFN Alpha

Welcome to UEFN

Over the past six months, we have immersed ourselves in the new UEFN toolset and made it our own. We have explored the possibilities of UEFN, identified its limits, and pushed beyond them. We also developed a range of additional skills to help support us in our UEFN journey.

Creating our Pirate World

Our goal with Pirate Adventure was to create everything from scratch, using our own assets to build out an expansive pirate world. To achieve this, we mastered skills such as prop modeling, UV unwrapping, 3D painting, and texture design. While utilizing the new UEFN Verse scripting to support the whole game design loop itself.

3D Lab & UEFN

With UEFN we now have the power to create and import our own assets. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing us to design unique game worlds with different looks and purposes.

Try out Pirate Adventure in UEFN and let us know what you think! Interested in having us create something for you? Contact us!