Pizza Hut Gaming Spicy Showdown

Tags: Pizza Hut Gaming, Gun Game, Showdown

Client: Pizza Hut Gaming

Date: June 2022


It’s time for… The Spicy Showdown!

– A custom Fortnite map
– 20 competitors
– £5,000 up for grabs

29th June – 4pm

Pizza Hut Gaming Gun Game

Gun Game

We all love a bit of spice, so hop into the Spicy Showdown, Play gun-game with a twist where you collect pizza slices from eliminations & placement as you cycle through the guns you know and love to get extra perks to destroy the competition!

£5,000 Tournament

Pizza Hut Gaming hosted a special £5,000 tournament with 20 influencers on this custom Fortnite map. Streamers ordered a free Pizza Hut pizza while collecting pizza slices in game to gain the upper hand on their competition and win some money!
Pizza Hut Spicy Showdown