Rainbow Crossroads

Code: 0487-8528-5944

Tags: Rainbow Royale, Challenges, Rewards

Client: Epic Games, 

Date: August 2022


✨ The place to be!
🏖️ Chill out by the beach
🎮 Play fun mini games
💃 Pose at the Fortography studio
🥰 Celebrate your style & have fun!

Rainbow Royale 2022

Show off Your Style!

As part of Rainbow Royale 2022 Epic Games asked us to work on an amazing island where celebrating your style and being yourself is the main focus of the experience.

Achievements & Rewards

Chill out by the beach, play fun mini games or strike a pose at the Fortography studio while completing quests and earning in-game cosmetics rewards.

DC Dreamer Quest

We had the incredible opportunity to include a quest for DC's very own Dreamer. She has come to Rainbow Crossroads and needs your help finding Fortnite artefacts! Dreamer is the first transgender heroine to be joining the Fortnite Metaverse ever during Rainbow Royale 2022.
Rainbow Royale 2022