Mystic Black Boss Battle

Code: 9166-4301-5194


Client: Samsung


Sucked into your Galaxy Note 20, solve puzzles and defeat the boss to escape!

Part of the Gen G. Esports x Samsung Mystic Map Mayhem series.

Solve puzzles!

Boss battle extravaganza

3D Lab had the opportunity to fulfill a Fortnite Creative Island commission for Samsung and Gen G. eSports, creating this unique player experience. 3D Lab squashed the brief and presented a Boss Battle that oozes style.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung was looking to create an experience to promote their latest Galaxy Note 20 phone. The boss battle that we created for them is based on the ‘Mystic Black’ Version of the phone and part of a bigger Fortnite Creative campaign under the name #MysticMapMayhem.
Mystic Black Boss Battle (12)
Mystic Black Boss Battle (10)

Defeat the boss

Story & style

You start off at your desk, working your boring office job. You’re distract and you find yourself lost in this new Boss Battle on your phone, so far that you literally get sucked into it. Once inside the phone we used the black and green color scheme based on the Matrix’ vibes to create the inside of the Galaxy Note 20.

Defeat the boss!

Solve puzzles and finish parkour to weaken the boss and gain better weapons to defeat it. Once finished, players can take a screenshot to show off their victory and have a chance of winning the Galaxy Note 20.