Rainbow Crosroads for Rainbow Royale 2022!

Part of Rainbow Royale 2022, earn Epic rewards by completing the achievements in this island! Chill out by the beach, play fun mini games or strike a pose at the Fortography studio. This island is all about celebrating your own style and having fun with your friends.

Pizza Hut Gaming Spicy Showdown

Pizza Hut Gaming hosted a special £5,000 tournament with 20 influencers on this custom Fortnite Spicy Showdown map created by 3D Lab. Streamers ordered a free Pizza Hut pizza while collecting pizza slices in game to gain the upper hand on their competition and win some money!

3D Lab works on Gen Hoshino Soundwave Series

“The Soundwave Series is a series of musical shows featuring artists from around the world, and the spotlight now turns to Japanese pop artist + music producer Gen Hoshino … Made by creator team 3D Lab, Hoshino’s interactive experience puts players in an evolving space, with changing colors, scenery, and activities..More