Don Toliver Launches Hardpoint game mode in Fortnite

3D Lab teams up with Don Toliver to create five custom environments to represent “Psycho Valley” for Don’s new album “Hardstone Psycho”. Rideout and battle to take control of Psycho Valley in an epic turf war between two rival biker gangs, featuring music from Don Toliver’s new album.

Year 1 UEFN Showcase

It’s been a little over a year since Epic Games released UEFN. These are some of the 3D LAB projects we have worked on in the past year while learning UEFN and pushing ourselves and the Platform to the limit. Enjoy!

Art Station Interview

“For this interview, we had the opportunity to chat with Dean, Franciska, and Robert from the 3D Lab team to learn how they’re using Fortnite Creative, and now UEFN, to create incredible game experiences as a business…”