One Piece - Straw Hats vs Marines

Code: 7374-8187-1871

Tags: One Piece, Anime, Manga, Live Action, Pirates

Client: Metavision, Netflix

Date: September 2023


Will you pull off a daring escape as a Straw Hat pirate, or bring order to the sea as a Marine? Get your swords and pistols ready for an epic 3v3.

Monkey D. Luffy enters the seas of Fortnite!

Take to the seas in this One Piece experience.

Fight for control of cannons and power-ups on board the Baratie. Fire cannons (or yourself) at the enemy ship to do damage. Battle it out to claim victory for your crew.

From TV into Game

To get the fantastic ships of One Piece into the world of Fortnite we worked with the original 3D assets and made them completely game ready and optimized for UEFN. Through our knowledge we were able to take these complex high-end assets for TV and created versions that were true to the original but more optimized to run inside a live game.