``Into The Unknown``

Tags: MegaJam, UnrealJam, Unreal Engine, Contest

Date: September 2023

In the MegaJam, you’ll work alone or with a team of up to five members total to make your own incredible game in Unreal Engine or Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), based on the given theme. You’ll have just one week to submit your project before the deadline. This is a bit of behind the scenes for our “Antiquated Future” UEFN MegaJam Submission!

Collision imminent!

H3-LP and Kian

After crashlanding on an alien planet, Kian needs to find a way of this planet. After restoring his trusty robot H3-LP, he's tasked with finding resources and repairing the ship.

Our MegaJam

For our first ever Unreal MegaJam we created this story rich level, and we had a blast making it. We created the environment of the planet with pre-existing assets, and gave it an amazing look through lighting work. The ship exterior and Interior were crafted during the submission by our 3D & texture artists. The robot H3-LP was also created from scratch and brought to life with awesome voice over work to create a fun interactive relationship between Kian & H3-LP. All powered through programming with Verse. Enjoy our short gameplay video of our Megajam submission!
Alien Planet