Speedy Sandbox & Underworld Speedrun

Code Speedy Sandbox: 4043-4376-7426

Code Underworld Speedrun: 6268-4522-1924

Tags: Psyonix Studios, Game Jam, Rocket Racing

Date: April 2024

3D Lab rocked the Rocket Racing game jam at Epic Games Owned Psyonix Studios, unleashing two epic race Tracks. Hit the gas and experience the thrill NOW! 🏁

Rocket Racing Game Jam

Game Jam

Early 2024, 3D Lab was invited to create some awesome Rocket Racing competitive and speed run tracks with UEFN's newly released Rocket Racing tools. We were challenged to participate in a 2-day Game Jam alongside other amazing UEFN creators to make a Rocket Racing Speed Run and Competitive Race Track. Before flying out to Psyonix HQ in San Diego we prepared some ideas that we could draw from once we were there, ready to hit the ground running.

Spooky & Playful

After some brainstorming on location we decided on a Hades themed Underworld Speedrun and a Larger Than Life Sandbox for the Competitive Race Track.

With the Underworld Speedrun we created a scary theme with spooky and dark undertones. Hands reaching up from the sides of the race track and looming statues overlooking a castle with burning green flames on top of floating islands held together by chains.

On the Sandbox race we added a more fun and playful twist to the track. The whole track is the size of a kid's race track, balancing on the sandbox itself. While you drive the track you are surrounded by big roaches, sand castles and all kinds of kids toys.

Speedy Sandbox