Fortnite Funland

Code: 2057-3742-0636

Tags: NickEh30, Streamer, Collaboration, Theme Park, Rides, Fun

Date: October 2023

Experience the thrill of riding heart-pounding rollercoasters, challenge your friend’s in exciting mini-games, and collect tickets to unlock a world of awesome items. Take control of dirt bikes and conquer adrenaline-pumping tracks. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through the most exhilarating amusement park ever!

3D Lab x Nick Eh 30

UEFN Game promotion

To effectively promote a game on a platform as big as Fortnite can be a challenge, one we have tried to tackle in different ways over the past few years. That changed when we got the opportunity to collaborate on a UEFN project with popular Fortnite streamer Nick Eh 30. Through our game design skills and Nick's video's and streams, we are now able to more effectively promote a quality game to people who we know will enjoy it, a.k.a. Nick's audience.

Funland Launch

Teaming up with Nick Eh 30 has resulted in an extremely successful launch on Fortnite Funland! 🎢

Half a million plays in under 24 hours with a peak of 13.900 players. Just for reference, it was in the top 15 most played Fortnite maps in the first few days. Beating concurrent player count of the popular phenomenon from the summer of 2023: ``OnlyUp Fortnite``.

Thanks to Nick Eh 30 we were able to promote on a much bigger scale than just the reach of our 3D Lab socials. Through this promotion we were able to easily enter multiple rows in Discover and gain even more traction. We found that releasing games this way is highly successful and we will keep exploring this in future releases.

Funland The Kraken